• Couple and Solitaire
  • Use in foyer
  • Timber joint
  • Use in bathroom
  • Kammerdiener Solitaire
  • Tray

This valet pays his respects to anyone at any time in any place. In a foyer he will politely receive everybody's wardrobe, provides towels in the bathroom and does not complain if buried under a pile of clothes in the sleeping-room.

He will serve your habits all on his own or with the help of his upright friends. Kammerdiener is a simplified chair in solid Ash wood that leans on the wall without the need for attachment.
This is possible due to the shape of the legs combined with rubber feet. Its light weight makes it easy to relocate Kammerdiener. The front arms come in two styles (one felt-padded) which fit together. That way a pair of two Kammerdiener can be assembled to a free standing construction by the use of a classical timber joint.

An additional tray serves to catch what´s in your pocket: Key, money, cuff links...

Ash as a natural product will vary in colour and grain.
Such distinctions attest the high quality of solid wood and fashioning.


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