• Kitchen block
  • Kitchenette
  • Free-standing
  • Object-kitchen
  • Connected by magnets
  • Additional use
  • Adjustable legs
  • Blank-looking covers
  • Drawer (self-closing)
  • Reversable door hinge
  • insert sink
  • Self-sufficient hob
  • Pack size (per module)
  • Flap in bottom shell
  • Repository (dish rack)
  • Repository (chopping board)
  • Kitchen garden
  • Cuts for cables

The elegant design accounts for the kitchen´s characteristic exterior that allows for stylish integration in any possible interior.
The furniture look-and-feel of A la carte is ideal for office interiors as well as for the privacy of your home.
It provides various options, both in looks and in construction.

A kitchen à la maison can be conjured up from the kitchen modules of A la carte.
By breaking down the conventional kitchen structure into individual task modules A la carte kitchen can be adapted to any room setting to fit the existing type of connection (wall related / free-standing / room partition)
It is a kitchen which will delight even, or especially, before an imminent move.

A magnet joins the modules one to another. Further accessory is a repository to be used in the gap between two modules. It carries a chopping board or can serve as a small dish rack. There is even room for the kitchen garden.



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