19 April 2017

Stadtnomaden brand

The brand Stadtnomaden offers a selected range of innovatively designed products suitable for an urban lifestyle. This selection addresses all those who feel like fashioning their homes as independently as their lives.

Free and easy …wouldn´t it be great to transfer this feeling of independence that we know from travelling with nothing more than a small bag, into the way we furnish our homes? Since 2007 Stadtnomaden have successfully implemented this idea with every designed product by coming up with very unconventional concepts. 

The word [Nomads] in the original context describes the members of pastoral and travelling tribes. The various living concepts of the modern equivalent [Stadtnomade] (Urban Nomads?) relate to nomadism in several ways. All Stadtnomaden share the desire for independence and for a certain constancy as well as an appreciation of style and intelligent design.
The passionate Stadtnomade is permanently on the move. Living a life that is affected by regular changes of residence he has reduced his belongings to the very bare necessities.
The secret Stadtnomade lives in unsettled homes (which means in rented accommodation). He places his trust in the flexibility of his furniture and surrounds himself with beautiful objects that support his local independence. The Stadtnomade-to-be actually lives a rather settled life but is ready to change this status at any time.He loves both constancy and surprises at the same time. Therefore his belongings are practical, personal and variable.
At heart the Stadtnomade in spirit is very settled. His belongings are an expression of his mental flexibility and reflect both his preference for style and his dislike of any kind of encumbrance.

Whoever has not discovered his nomad roots so far, will discover that actually mobility, as an elating state of mind, is coming along with these pieces of furniture.

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